Sync or Swim: High Hopes in the High Hills

Before THXgiving break, I read about this sync on here. I wasn’t sure if I could make it through a three hour sync but I tried it and it worked. Take “The Division Bell” and The Sound of Music (any print will do). Start the CD after the 20th Century Fox logo fades out and when the movie fades in. This will play twice.

The wind sounds of “Cluster One” are heard as we see the aerial view of the mountains and hills.

Hearing the tone of “What Do You Want From Me?” when all that’s seen on screen are nuns is humorously dissonant. Nothing goes better than the power of ROCK and nuns.

During “Marooned”, Maria is sent away to the von Trapp house, marooned from the convent.

The main highlight is “High Hopes”. Watch the music video for this song as some of the elements in the movie are echoed in the video. Again, the link to the sync up above has a better list of the connections between them. But you have to wonder whether or not it was a coincidence or not.

In the second play, “Poles Apart” takes place during “The Lonely Goatherd”. The instrumental section, mainly the slower portion, fits well with the action on screen.

At this point, I still have yet to try all of the “Division Bell” syncs but right now I prefer “The Division Bambi” over this. Not only is that one shorter, it also fits better in my opinion. While there are moments with this sync that fit, they are not as strong as “The Division Bambi”. If you have nearly three hours to kill one night, go for it.

Sync grade: B

What do you think?

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