Sync or Swim: Dark Sub of the Moon

Right now, there is one sync known on most sites I come across where Yellow Submarine syncs with Pink Floyd’s “Relics”. I have not tried that but rather using “Dark Side of the Moon”. I did not discover the sync but rather read about it in a book (page 58 of the Rough Guide to Cult Movies, 2001). Paraphrasing, the entry on the movie mentioned that some people claim that DSotM synced better with this than The Wizard of Oz. I agree.

The print that I used was the 2012 DVD that includes “Hey Bulldog”. The CD was from my personal collection. Start the CD as soon as the words “Once upon a time” appear on the screen. Loop the CD at the end for a total of two album plays. This should end with the live-action Beatles sequence at the end of the film as they sing “All Together Now”.

Act I begins with the landscape of Pepperland. “Breathe” features His Blueness breathing in the air.

“On the Run” takes place when the Captain is running from the Blue Glove.

The key point of the sync occurs during the title sequence. The cacophany of chimes in “Time” should occur when “The Beatles” fade in. The first instrumental section lasts the entire title sequence, with the drums before the first line occuring when the submarine fades to black. Also, the one shot of the watch during “Eleanor Rigby” syncs with the beat.

“Money” starts when George drives around the building in the car. The bass riff at the beginning syncs with him slowly turning his head around.

“Us and Them” takes place in the Sea of Time and the Sea of Science.

“Any Color You Like” takes place in the Sea of Monsters.

“Brain Damage” is the meeting of Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD. He is the lunatic on the “grass”.

Act II begins a few seconds into “Nowhere Man”.

“On the Run” syncs with “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

“Time” takes place in the Sea of Holes and the entrance to Pepperland.

“Us and Them” is “All You Need is Love”.

This is better than the Oz sync in terms of the album. Use the DVD print for best results. Whether or not this was intentional may just be all in the mind, you know.

Sync grade: A

What do you think?

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