Sync or Swim: Star Floyd: A New Wall

A long time ago, at a concert far far away, a band by the name of Pink Floyd performed “The Wall” live and released an album of that performance. It turns out that this particular performance syncs with Episode IV of Star Wars. Granted that there are numerous versions of the movie, finding the right copy would be a little time-consuming. (Yes, Han shot first). I won’t go over every connection, it’s one you have to see for yourself.

For Act I, which the majority of the film, we start off a little bit before “In the Flesh?” as we hear the crowd cheer over the 20th Century Fox logo. An announcer goes over standard protocol over the crawl but right before that’s finished, the thunderous drums echo and begin the concert with a classic sci-fi shoot-out on-screen. “If you want to find out what’s behind these cold eyes” is spoken when we see C-3PO.

For “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”, R2-D2 is on his own as the Jawas capture him. “Stand still laddie” is spoken and R2-D2 follows the command.

“Goodbye Blue Sky” takes place when Luke goes after R2-D2 in the desert. The Jawas attack as we see the frightened ones. After Luke is beat up, the pain lingers on.

When “Young Lust” is introduced, one of the band members introduces it. What we see is Obi-Wan and Luke together. Hearing that, it implies a different kind of relationship.

“Another Brick in the Wall Part III” takes place during the discussion at the cantina between Han and Obi-Wan.

“Hey You” provides some interesting results. This takes place during the destruction of Alderaan. We see Princess Leia as we hear “Hey you, out there in the cold sitting naked by the phone will you touch me?”

In a different version of the question “Isn’t this where we came in?”, the announcer from the beginning returns to entertain the audience in a droll fashion, only to be drowned out by the drums as “In the Flesh.” begins.

“Run Like Hell” is the prisoner exchange and the shootout that follows.

“Waiting for the Worms” is a shootout in space. The megaphone filter acts like the radio conversation between Han and Luke, as well as those in the TIE fighters.

The only song that does not fit is “The Trial”. That’s a pity as there are so many things that could work with it but alas it is not meant to be. Though, if you refer to the animated sequence from the movie, the flying face/whatever during the mother’s part could be a reference to the Millenium Falcon.

The last song from “The Wall” has a twang to it as the X-Wings go into the trenches. Any correlation that you can find is appreciated.

Act II begins one hour and forty-five minutes into the film. And so, we hear the announcer ask for no fireworks, all while lasers go pew pew pew in space. The line about the audio/visual use is also interesting in that the shot that is presented is a TIE fighter going in the trenches. Years ago, I found a THX trailer that mimicked the trench scene, except the Death Star was the logo. I believe the trailer was fan-made and thus non-canonical. Anyways, the drums kick in for some sci-fi trench warfare.

The first verse of “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” begins exactly when George Lucas’ credit appears onscreen. “Another Brick in the Wall” kicks in when the scrolling starts.

For a live album, there’s the question of how in the world something like this could sync. That Syncing Feeling has some suggestions on how it could be done. There are some moments, like they say, are just timed out too well in order for it to be a coincidence.

As we wait for the new trilogy to begin, this will tide over any fan. I highly recommend it using the link provided at the beginning. Go for it, and may the sync be with you.

Sync grade: A

What do you think?

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