Movie Review (of sorts): Rabbits

So, maybe screening this late at night wasn’t one of my better decisions. It was an introduction to David Lynch’s other work and needless to say this film had an effect on others who watched it with me. While I wouldn’t necessarily have started newcomers to Lynchland with this, it contained the usual characteristics of a Lynchian world: droning soundtrack, cryptic dialogue, and strange occurances.

In a room, three rabbits lay in wait and talk in disjointed phrases while waiting for impending doom.

The soundtrack is pretty much set on repeat. A slow droning synth with an occasional mournful wail against a neverending deluge sets up the soundscape for the next forty-five minutes.

The dialogue, while disjointed, does tie together at the end. After having monologues and encounters with the man in the green coat and some kind of demon, the rabbits remind us what happened. When the line “It is after midnight” was spoken, it was 12:07 in our time. I did not plan that. Who could have known?

There are two shots throughout the entire piece, an establishing shot and then a close-up of the phone. The sudden appearance of the phone is really jarring as it wakes us up from the lull of the one shot we have ever known. (studio applause)

Barbed wire.

So, go ahead and watch it. It’s more of a group experience if anything. Take it from me, the man in the green coat.


What do you think?

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