Why Save Christmas?

As per usual Christmas fare, one section of Christmas specials deals with the fact that some curmudgeon hates Christmas and wants to spoil the mood for everyone. In fantasyland it involves some kind of hocus pocus, a renewed belief of The Spirit of Christmas, musical numbers, a common moral about the season (religion optional), and Christmas Day is saved (or ruined if you look at the Hoops and YoYo special). Or is it?

The only way Christmas will never come is if the entire universe collapsed upon itself. This fact renders one major part of the “Christmas Crisis” useless as no one can stop it from coming, as explained in How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Poor Santa. No wonder he needs a break. Can you imagine the kind of security upgrades needed at the North Pole after each breach? It’s insane.

With the number of “X Saves Christmas” specials, you have to wonder how it all goes down. I see it as a Hunger Games kind of lottery. Each fantasy character has to place their name in a giant box and whoever gets chosen must “save” Christmas. After the job is done, always successful, they are inducted into a Hall of Fame and then are exempt from the task for the rest of their existence.

On the other side of the good vs evil battle, the villains do their own thing. Each special is a final exam for a sister college of the Evil League of Evil that has a course in destroying Christmas. The one who scores the best on the prelim gets to carry out their own plan. Granted, nobody passes the final but still.

But why Christmas and not some other holiday? There are Easter specials, Channukah specials, Valentines Day specials, even Arbor Day thanks to Charlie Brown. But are they subject to the same risk that Christmas has? Nope.

Well, there are the Guardians and Santa’s Prep and Landing crew, Rudolph, belief, and a host of other safeguards but it still isn’t enough. I can’t think of anything else that could help.

In any case, Christmas needs to be “saved” every year and it is up to someone to do it. Glad I’m not in charge.

What do you think?

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