Christmas Eve 2013 Film Poem

Twas the day before Christmas and all through this house

Creatures were stirring, though lack of a mouse

Made this blogger type away on an interface where

He could link nothing, for the option wasn’t there.

The stockings were laid by the tree with care

For there was no chimney for Santa, so there!

Packing for travels for the day after,

I wondered what I should take, with laughter.

(Because I cannot make links here go live,

Look for some movies under the Movie Review Archive)

Some David Lynch with Mulholland Dr.,

Going for something for a bit more jive

By working on the sync proposed by yours truly

With “Dark Side of the Moon”, which may be unruly;

The Right Stuff and Braveheart along for the ride,

Some three hour movies that I can abide;

2001: A Space Odyssey is a must on the road

For it provides me with an analytical load;

Then some other goodies that may be here tomorrow

Personal copies of films others may borrow

When I see them again when the semester begins

But until then, each addition wins.

I may not have followed the usual form

Of a holiday poem, following the norm

But I did my best and this is your gift

To give your Yuletide spirits a lift.

So until then I bid you all glad tidings

And I will end this poem with tidings.


What do you think?

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