Another Mulholland Dr. Sync?

When you’re in the back of a car for a considerable amount of time (6+ hours), your mind tends to wander and come up with some strange things. For me, I tried some experimenting with a potential sync: Mulholland Dr. with Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” compilation. Now, I’ve proposed a sync with “Dark Side of the Moon” (and some parts may apply to this particular sync as songs from DSoTM are included in the set) but I have not sat through the entire movie yet with this particular soundtrack.

So why this particular album? In the movie, the entire third act is like an echo of what had come before, with similar lines and shots. Also, the eponymous song contains the line “…through the window in the wall…” Could this be a subtle reference to a movie theater and how movies are shown? The film does take place in Hollywood, home of movies. That and the film is approximately the same length as the album. Referring to the color scheme of the film (see the Supplementals page), red and blue are some of the dominant colors in the film. The colors on the CDs are red and blue.

I began to attempt this but the DVD player kept freezing. In an attempt to fix it, I would pause and unpause the CD. This began to become incredibly annoying to the point where I stopped in hopes that I can try on a better player at home. For those of you who either own the film or any Lynch work, chapter stops do not exist per David Lynch’s request. Trying to do something like this becomes a near-Herculean task.

Basically, start disc 1 as soon as the Universal logo appears. That’s all I’ve figured out so far. If anyone wants to try this out and report their findings, let me know.


What do you think?

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