January Status Update

Hey there! Sorry for the unusually long delay from the blogosphere but due to some restrictions I haven’t been able to check in as often. That will change on Monday as things will get back to speed.

Meanwhile, I’ve been catching up on movies as I had nothing else to do during the winter blast we just had. Saw Satyricon (my first Fellini film even though I probably should have watched 8 1/2 first), Solaris at 3 is morning on TCM, The Breakfast Club, and a rewatch of A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut just to name a few. I’m well ahead of schedule with my basic resolution of one film a day.

I’m gearing up to host a screening of “The Division Bambi” for a few friends. Only thing is that my DVD copy is starting to break down and I’ll need to find another copy before then.

Another thing is that I’m working on writing my first draft of a new script for a short film. At this point it will have elements of Pi and Mulholland Dr. I’ll post progress updates when they happen.

So far so good.


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