Movie Review (of sorts): One Got Fat


Nothing says bike safety like dead monkey children. Harsh perhaps? You bet, but you might ask yourself the same question if you saw them.

This cult oddball short involves the depiction of monkey children biking to a picnic but somehow dying along the way, except for the eponymous character who got fat.

I was first introduced to this through Rifftrax on a shorts compilation DVD. Honestly, this isn’t my kind of nightmare fuel but because it’s from the guys at MST3K I played along. Then, TCM aired this at 5:45 one Sunday morning and I woke up early just to see it without the alternate commentary. Such is life.

I’ve seen masks from the 60’s and stuff that surpassed the creepy factor than these monkey masks. Notably, I remember seeing a Mickey Mouse mask from the early 30’s that looked like something from Escape From Tomorrow. Still, you have to admit these masks are very strange.

Honestly, how did these kids ride with the masks on? Not one part is dedicated to wearing a helmet, something that should’ve been listed first. Second would be to not wear masks. Just why?

Kids, don’t wear masks or evolve (devolve?) into monkey-human hybrids. Looks for signs and follow the rules of the road. Run the other way if you see something like this in real life.



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