Sync or Swim: The Dark Side of the Arcade


Wreck-it Ralph does indeed sync with “Dark Side of the Moon” in a rather curious fashion. I say curious in that this a what I call a “reverse sync”. Normally, the album is made after the movie it’s supposed to sync with. Here, the album comes before the film by a considerable margin of years. The synchronicity delves into the unknown as you wonder if the movie was structured around the album somehow or if it is just pure chance. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter but let’s take a look at some highlights.

Start the album as soon as the Disney logo begins to form. The album will play twice and end, appropriately, with the end of “Time”.

Act I begins with Ralph’s backstory. When his stump is moved and he gets angry, a voice says that “I’ve always been mad.” One instrumental later as we get to the lyrical beginning of “Breathe”, the arcade closes. The characteres can breathe easy as no humans are around. The line “Look around…” happens exactly when the camera goes into the Fix-it Felix Jr. game and does the flythrough, looking around.

The cacophany of clocks at the beginning of “Time” go off when Ralph is caught by the surge protector. The whole beginning section before the lyrics is the party before Ralph shows up. Ralph is the one who, according to the song, is the one Felix is waiting for to show him the way later in the film.

The end of “Great Gig in the Sky” is the battle of the cybugs when Ralph enters Hero’s Duty.

The quarter alert goes off at the beginning of “Money”, appropriately enough.

“Any Color You Like” plays when the racers are announced for the Sugar Rush qualifications. It sounds like video game music in a way.

“Brain Damage” refers to King Candy’s nature. Sure he’s a little crazy in this form but when he assumes his final form, that’s when it’s strange.

“Eclipse” is the destruction of Vanellope’s cart. In fact, the second play of “Eclipse” has Vanellope in her cart as she gets ready to cross the line and reset the game, making things come full circle.

Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list but as something different in how syncs are typically done. I’m sure there is a better album out there that follows the general sync nature but I have not found that yet.

Sync grade: B

What do you think?

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