Stupid Snow, Stupid Stupid Snow

I’m tired of having it snow every single day for the past few days. I don’t want to drive in it and when I do, the roads aren’t good enough anyways. It probably doesn’t help that I mostly spend time in windowless rooms.

The only time I like snow is Christmas. After that, I want the snow gone. I don’t want to spend several minutes each day trying to get the blood flowing through my corpse-white fingers though I have to regardless of how much I bundle up. I wear my trademark fur hat (a snazzy one at that) and flannel shirts for about half of the year. The other half is spent in Hawaiian shirts; I’m dying to wear them. I have to wear a jacket indoors most of the time because my circulation is so bad. Handwarmers only go so far.

The polar vortex from the beginning of the month was nice in that I had no need to do anything except to watch movies and willingly get cabin fever. It ended up being one whole week before I left my property since the polar vortex struck.

Can it be spring now? Unlike Elsa from Frozen, the cold does bother me.



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