Some Really Cool Stuff

First of all, if you couldn’t tell by reading it on the actual site, I’ve changed my design. Sure, the old one worked fine but it was rather drab. Drab is the last thing I need with zero sunshine surrounding me.

Secondly, I had a really cool task. I got first dibs on handling a $5000 camera as part of my apprenticeship this semester. It’s quite a workout on the hands, believe me. I want to make something impressive with it but I’m not sure what just yet. Maybe something for senior project when that rolls around. I’m working on a script that so far will require some summer hours to film because there is no other time to do it.

Last, my acting class had an interesting moment that, to my knowledge, would have been a lot funnier if people knew what they were referencing. One exercise was to walk around the room, wearing our blacks as per attire, and one person had to make a movement and a sound. Someone, not me, waved their hands and did this wailing noise. Multiply that by 14 or 15 other people and you enter a room that sounds like the music from 2001 when the monolith appears. I really wish a monolith was in the center of the room. It was surreal to say the least. On the other hand, someone did the “Oh-we-oh” from The Wizard of Oz and everyone got that. Me, I did some kind of disco “point to the sky” move with a shooting star effect.



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