Sync or Swim: Touching the Monolith through Contact

I featured this video when I took a crack at the Alphabet Movie Meme a few weeks ago. Now that “Random Access Memories” has been deemed Album of the Year or whatever (I didn’t watch the Grammys if you couldn’t tell), it seems appropriate to cover it, especially since this goes with my all-time favorite film.

A friend sent me a link to this during a discussion on how I want to do the complete Pink Floyd sync to this film but unable to due to the lack of required material.

Mostly, the cool parts are with the audio. The music picks up in style and flavor when the older Dave stands up to investigate. It also slows down when he begins to eat after returning. The greatest part is the slow, majestic part when we see Dave before he becomes the Star Child in the room. The ending fits a little too well but all the better.

Here, this is edited to fit the music so technically it isn’t a true sync. However, this uses the same sources and it accomplishes the same task as a sync. I figured I should include it since I will have heard about it in the comments anyway. This is the Stargate sequence. If you are familiar with both the soundtrack with this sequence and the Pink Floyd sync, it’s a treat. If you want a purer form of this particular Daft Punk sync, click here.

I have seen the Pink Floyd sync with this particular sequence as a whole rather than split like the above videos. I still prefer the Pink Floyd sync. Either way, it’s a win-win for me as it’s an experiment with my favorite film.

“Touch” sync: A-

“Contact” sync (edited): B+

“Contact” sync (pure): B

2 thoughts on “Sync or Swim: Touching the Monolith through Contact

  1. Interesting. I like the ides of “Touch” synced in to the end of 2001, alas I don’t think it works quite so well in execution.
    Now I just want to see “Get Lucky” synced to the ape scene…

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