Dealing with the Winter Blues

I hate winter. The only highlights about winter are Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the day before spring begins (aka “Winter Wrap-up”). I don’t do really cold temperatures as my circulation is terrible. I don’t see the sun most of the time but when I do, it’s when I go to my car between classes. It doesn’t exactly help that I spend most of my time in windowless rooms. Basically, three or four months out of the year are miserable.

Last year was the first time the winter blues (I’m not saying Seasonal Affective Disorder as I’m not in the mood to self-diagnose) took a toll on me. True, there were other things on my mind like switching majors but it did play a part. I knew I needed to find ways to keep myself occupied that would make me positive and happy.

My primary method is comedy, mostly shorts from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and RiffTrax. They’re not too long and I find the subject matter covered hilarious at times. Even if I’ve seen a short many times and know the jokes, I still laugh because the jokes would be similar to my reaction if I did them. Favorites (in no particular order) are “Mr B. Natural” (MST3K), “Using Your Voice” (MST3K), “Drugs Are Like That” (RiffTrax on Hulu), “The Calendar: How to Use It” (RiffTrax on Hulu), “Safety: Harm Hides at Home” (RiffTrax), and “Robot Rumpus” (MST3K).

Right now, I have access to a sun lamp. It does wonders in a windowless room. It mimics the natural sunlight and helps make the day a lot better. I’m told that I should restrict my exposure time with it as prolonged exposure can lead to giddiness. Frankly, I don’t mind. I don’t notice the effects until after my use. I should get one for personal use.

The winter shouldn’t be as bad as it has been this year. If anything, I hope that’s the worst of the weather.


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