Sync or Swim: Lady and the Beach Boys

Love is in the air and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than watching a classic Disney romance? Put it to music! Taylor from That Syncing Feeling discovered it. While I usually reserve my Beach Boys “Best-of” CD for the day school is out for the summer, I figured it would be nice to have some playing to get away from the miserable winter.

As I type this, I am reminded of how I first became acquainted with the Beach Boys. At one point in the 2000’s, Disney released a CD where Mickey and the gang did their own covers of Beach Boys songs, one of which is a cleaned-up version of “Sloop John B” from Pet Sounds. There is no mention of the movie sync but I suppose that this is a rather obtuse clue for the sync.

Take The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and start the album as soon as the Buena Vista card appears. Loop the album until the end of the movie.

Act I starts with “Wouldn’t it Be Nice?” playing over the opening credits. The lines “Good night, sleep tight” are said when we see the neighborhood at night.

“That’s Not Me” plays as Lady cries at night. It talks about being independent and being able to be on her own, but that’s not her. The word “time” is spoken and a ticking is heard as a clock fades into view. Towards the end of the song, there is talk about dreaming as we see Lady on the master’s bed.

In “I’m Waiting for the Day”, Lady walks in time to the beat as she meets Jock. Jock is the equivalent to the drums.

“Sloop John B” is a curious song in it of itself as it’s about a boat trip gone horribly wrong. How does that work here? Well, Tramp goes over to the two Italian guys’ restaurant or, as the song puts it, the Sloop John B. Tramp has no real home as we hear the plaintive cries of the song’s narrator to “let me go home.”

The first time the line “I know there’s an answer” is spoken in the eponymous song, we see Tramp. He will be the answer to Lady’s problems.

“Here Today” is all about the baby shower as the child is waiting to be born. The end shows the father rushing up the stairs to see if the child is here today.

“I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times” describes Lady’s current situation as she is no longer the center of attention, thanks to the baby.

The final song, “Caroline No” contains a train and barking sounds. The barking is heard during the dogfight.

Act II begins again with “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”, this time with Lady and Tramp. Tramp begins to show Lady his way of living, like a date of sorts.

“That’s Not Me” is focused on Tramp’s character.

The iconic dinner scene is scored by “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on my Shoulders)”. How appropriate that Lady and Tramp don’t talk much in the scene. The chefs sing along to the synced song. This ends as Lady looks at the skies and we see stars in her eyes on this lovely bella notte.

“Sloop John B” goes from the restaurant to the dog pound. All of the pound puppies want to go home.

Act III is a reprise of the first song as everything is nice.

I wasn’t so sure how well The Beach Boys would work as I never considered them to be involved in the sync-world. After watching, I’m very pleased with the result. I plan to buy a copy of the movie and album for myself for personal use whenever I’m not online just so I can do this sync.

Sync grade: B+

What do you think?

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