Do: Part 2 of 2

…give me some time to think things through; it won’t always be at that instant but the solution will come.

…realize that if I don’t immediately respond to whatever you say, I’m not ignoring you.

…provide constructive feedback on anything I do.

…be direct in your response and precise in your words.

…acknowledge my interests and, if it all possible, engage in somthing interest-related with me (i.e. watching movies, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Pink Floyd, movie syncs, MLP: FiM, RiffTrax either professionally or on our own, experimental film).

…allow me to express my feelings and thoughts, even if it is confusing and does not fit the norm at times.

…note that there are some words I will use in order to clarify what I mean as

…include me in groups and group conversation from time to time.

…realize that there are times where I need to be alone in order to function.

…let me do things my own way.

…give me options in whatever I need to do.

…set up guidelines as I will try to see how far I can go if I choose to.

…give me short breaks when working.

…tell me that if I have to be honest, give me some kind of boundary as I will go to the extreme if you let me.

…tell me if I’m not handling a situation as best as I can or should.

…allow me to exhibit some of my physical quirks like only using my right hand to play imaginary notes to music in my head or in the real world, or have my feet on the chair (even though I really shouldn’t do that), or walk barefoot/shoeless as I do not like wearing socks or shoes for extended periods of time.

…give me at least eight hours of sleep under fifteen pounds of blankets and two pillows if you want me to be at my best first thing in the morning.

…know that I’ll be awake for hours way before your alarm goes off when the sun actually shines.

…know that “sleeping in” doesn’t go past 8:00 am on the weekends.

…understand that my sense of humor is way different than yours.

…understand that if I chuckle at something for what seems like no apparent reason, I found something in that moment where it clicked on a different level that makes sense in my head.

…know that I work heavily in routine and if it is thrown off early in the day that I will struggle getting through the day.

…tell me to breathe.

…allow me to have some kind of music in the background.

…listen to the music or watch the videos I suggest, especially if I mention that they are an analogue to how I perceive the world.

…notice that my taste in the arts is more esoteric and “out there” than what most people my age are into.

…notice that I’m far from what’s considered mainstream and I’m fine with it.

…realize that it takes time for me to build a strong relationship with you.

…realize that I prefer a few good close friends than many acquaintances.

…remember that I do notice your demeanor and that will reflect how I choose to interact with you.

…provide some kind of subtext when we don’t communicate face-to-face.

…ask me what my life is like if you want clarification.

…realize I’m learning every single day, even things that I should have learned when I was a lot younger but never had the chance.

…try to help me if I ask for it.

…give me hugs if I ask for them as they are a nice stress reliever.

…realize I make mistakes.

…treat me with respect.

…notice that I’m a human being and should be treated as such.

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