Don’t: Part 1 of 2

…be a jerk.

…talk down to me like I’m four if I fail to grasp some remedial concept.

…assume I’m a savant just because I’m on the spectrum (cough cough Rain Man cough cough).

…assume I know everything just because I am blessed with intelligence and behave as such.

…assume I’ve seen every movie you’ve seen just because I’m a film major as the list of what I haven’t seen will surprise you.

…make me do all the work for a group because I’m the only person who cares.

…do everything for me.

…scream at me if I’ve done something wrong.

…be loud, period.

…lie to my face.

…break promises to me on a regular basis.

…rely heavily on sarcasm when talking to me, especially if we’re meeting for the first time.

…say something I’ve made is good or bad without explaining why.

…overemphasize any deficits I have to the point of shaming and blaming.

…discount the talents I do have.

…treat me like I’m nothing because you will lose my respect instantly, something that is very difficult to gain back.

…treat me like some kind of novelty because of my unique abilities.

…invade my personal bubble unless I know you very well and we are on very good terms.

…ignore me in group conversation, even if I say nothing and just listen.

…ignore me, period.

…let me keep everything bottled up.

…say I’m emotionless and uncaring as I’m trying to figure out the best way to respond to the situation at hand.

…leave me in a cold area for a long period of time.

…throw me into an overtly extroverted situation and leave me to survive on my own.

…expect to me to make and keep eye contact all the time when I’m talking to you.

…keep me in windowless rooms for long periods of time.

…keep me longer than I need to as I prefer to be early than late to things, especially class.

…assume that I will remember every single thing you tell me, even when I show off my memory.

…make sudden movements in close proximity to me.

…stare at me like I’ve gone off the deep end and have no clue what I’m talking about.

…tell me you know what life is like on the spectrum unless you’re actually on it.

…assume that what you see in the media concerning those on the spectrum is true for everyone you meet who is.

…assume that just because I’m on the spectrum that I’ll automatically relate to and like those who are.

…lump me with the serial killers and sociopaths when a devastating thing happens in the world just because I may have something in common with them.

…say I can be “cured” from this “illness”.

…tell me I’m faking it.

…ask me how I became the way I am (genes, tainted vaccines, etc.) because nobody has any idea yet.

…tell me Autism Speaks is a trustworthy organization, especially after their debacle from late last year.

…use autism or special needs of any kind as a punchline.

…use the “R word” (don’t even toy with it in the comments) to describe me or anyone else on the spectrum, EVER.


What do you think?

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