Sync or Swim: The Canterlot Wall

This morning, I received an email about a sync someone tried a few years ago that surprised me: The Wall with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, specifically the second season two-part finale “A Canterlot Wedding.” I’m not kidding. The dark nature of the album juxtaposed with the sunny color palette of the show, so crazy and yet so perfect even if it is a reverse sync. Needless to say, the subject matter on the album isn’t exactly kid-friendly.

For Part 1 of “A Canterlot Wedding”, play Disc 1 from “In the Flesh?” up until “Goodbye Blue Sky” as the credits roll. For Part 2, play Disc 2 from “Hey You” to the very beginning of “In the Flesh.” The use of both parts of “In the Flesh” is a different framing device similar to the one used on the album (…we came in? Isn’t this where…). I personally recommend watching the movie before trying this sync for additional imagery as well as few episodes of the show in order to familiarize yourself with the characters. Headphones are suggested, especially for Part 2. For those without either resource, click Part 1 and Part 2 for the videos pre-synced.

Act I begins with “In the Flesh?” as Spike interrupts a picnic to bring Twilight Sparkle a message. When she reads the message out loud, it syncs with the dialogue at the beginning. “Tell me is something eluding you sunshine, is this not what you expected to see?” describes the sync’s nature. Also, Twilight is puzzled as to what the message means. The drums kick in a few seconds into the title sequence, appropriate enough as the spoken words heard describe a movie/TV shoot in progress.

“The Thin Ice” reveals flashbacks to Twilight’s youth and her interactions with her older brother, Shining Armor, and how she feels about this upcoming marriage between him and her babysitter Mi Amore Cadenza (hereinafter “Cadence”).

“Another Brick in the Wall Part 1” is the train ride to Canterlot as Twilight is moody. Her emotions fit not only with the song in question but also the scene from the film. The whoosh sound effect happens when the train passes through the magical boundary. Twilight and Shining hold a conversation against a wall background like the album cover.

“The Happiest Days of Our Lives” plays when Twilight has flashbacks to her days with Cadence when she was a foal; in short, the happiest days of her life. It even has a scene with a swing like in the film, except the film features it in “ABitW P1”. The “psychopathic” quality is part of Cadence’s character arc.

“Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” shows an angry Twilight, not in the mood for dark sarcasm in the classroom.

“Mother” starts with Twilight and her friends sitting around a table, similar to one scene during the movie with this song. The Mother in question is Cadence as she tries to keep everything quiet. Also, there is a marriage scene in the movie during this particular song.

“Goodbye Blue Sky” is the crushing blow Twilight receives and worries about the future happiness of her brother. Act II is the second part of the episode.

“Hey You” recaps the previous episode. The second verse kicks in almost the same moment as the drums in the title sequence are usually heard. The metaphorical wall is replaced with a crystal mine. The real Cadence could not break free.

“Is There Anybody Out There?” is during the Cadence duet as Twilight and real Cadence try to escape the mine.

“Bring The Boys Back Home” is the battle with the Changlings. The music increases in intensity as the Mane 6 get the courage and fight them.

“Comfortably Numb” has visuals that fit better with “Run Like Hell” from the movie as ponies are attacked. At the same time, the song’s bridge shows the bond between Shining Armor and Cadence becoming strong enough to defeat Queen Chrysalis. The climax of the second guitar solo happens when Rainbow Dash creates a rainbow at the end of the wedding (gives me chills upon repeated viewings/hearings of the song).

“The Show Must Go On” is the end of the episode as we see everypony celebrating. As it was the season finale, the show would go on and still does.

It’s interesting that a TV show, especially this particular one, could be sync material. I don’t identify with the intense brony culture but rather as a fan of the show. I’ve seen some fan-made videos putting music from Queen, Weird Al Yankovic, Katy Perry, and even parts from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog edited to the show; keyword “edited”. This is the first sync I’ve seen for this show. That said, this is one of the strangest syncs I’ve seen because of how completely opposite the source materials are. I highly doubt that this was intentional but I don’t care.

Sync grade: A-

What do you think?

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