Don’t Call It Spring Break

That’s right. I’ve been on break for a few days but it doesn’t feel like “Spring Break.” First, it’s still technically winter. Second, it’s not really a break if you choose to use it for schoolwork. Third, break doesn’t happen until the end of a semester when finals are over. So really, it’s more of “Catch Up on Your Work if You Feel Like It Because You Want to Use Your Time Wisely Week”.

Don’t get me wrong; I love spring, especially March. The perfect weather is in the 50’s-60’s with a cloudy sky and a slight breeze. A light jacket with a Hawaiian shirt and jeans as well as some basic sneakers. Everything in nature is still brown but there are some traces of green. It’s at this time of the year where I purposefully put OK GO’s Of the Blue Colour of the Sky or R.E.M.’s Out of Time in my rotation as it has a spring-like feel to it, especially “Endgame” from Out of Time.

Even then, somehow my mind drifts back to when I was a kid. I used to run around in shorts and a t-shirt, barefoot in the house. The gentle spring breeze would flow through the open windows. Wind chimes would clatter in the background. Somehow it’s this time of year when those memories are the strongest (stares wistfully out of imaginary window).

I’d rather go nowhere for that week because I know I could use that time to do schoolwork. I choose my days for complete relaxation when the schedule fits (and with the final student show gearing up as well as other major projects, it won’t happen until May). I go through separation anxiety from my work if I’m away from it on a day when I know I clearly should be working, even if it means there’s treacherous weather ahead. I guess that’s not a good sign.

I try to take power naps, though mostly on a solid concrete floor as I find it more suitable for lucid dreaming research for a project, or at least attempting it and ending up with several out-of-body experiences (yeah). Even then, it’s not enough as I wake up somewhat light-headed and blurry but energized.

I don’t have a major issue with time management. I do get distracted every now and then and wish for a break from the isolation and solid work load. Usually that involves walking in at the worst possible moment in some conversation. It happens more often than you think to the point where I don’t even question it as it doesn’t matter. The work load isn’t as big as it seems; then again, time is a very strange thing.

Snow is still on the ground, artificial lights are everywhere, trains run by at least four or five times an hour; it’s not a break, it’s just life.

One thought on “Don’t Call It Spring Break

  1. Yeah, it’s not Spring Break and I hate that fact. However, I can’t help but love the hell out of this weather. It’s only a matter of time until it all goes to shit, though. I can almost feel it in the air.

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