Movie Review: Run Lola Run

I came across a secondhand DVD copy of this a while back. It was more of an impulse buy (something that I should try to curb) as I didn’t know when I would come across a copy of it in the future. I had seen a trailer for it before I bought it and all I could remember was the scene with the nuns. With the 1001 status and the intensity of the ad in mind, I sat down and watched it.

In order to recover 100,000 missing marks, Lola has to run through town and use her resources in order to save her boyfriend, all with different outcomes.

I enjoy these kind of films where we see the multiple outcomes, an application of the butterfly effect. Just seeing how one interaction can branch off into different choices. Each run starts off in the same house but as soon as we enter the television, anything goes. I tend to think like that every day, going through every scenario and trying to mentally approach things from a different angle.

The entire film plays out like a cinematic adaptation of a stand-alone graphic novel and yet this is an original work. There are some fantastical elements, like Lola’s scream or her stamina. In any other movie, I would have questioned the plausibility but it works within the movie’s universe.

The energy is present in the film, from the situations to the late 90’s techno soundtrack. But when it’s over in a little over 80 minutes, I sit there thinking “OK, now what?” It does end, there’s no denying that. It may be that, in a cynical viewpoint, that I watched three different cuts of the same film in one sitting. While there are differences, some life-changing through the use of literal flash-forwards, they become lost in the main part of the story.

The title sequence is a bit long, nearly reaching the five minute mark. The use of the clocks and the crowd of people help depict what obstacles Lola will face as she literally runs through the credits.

It’s a roller coaster that does take time to breathe inbetween runs. I hesitate to call it “light cinema” just because of the runtime but it doesn’t feel like time had advanced any farther from when I started. At the same time I can’t complain, especially with a busy work load and finding the time for a solid 110+ minute film is hard to do. It’s one to watch over a weekend or if you need something to watch as you come home from a long day.


1001 MYMSBYD selection


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Run Lola Run

  1. This one was one of the most popular independent films to be released when I was in my late teens/early twenties. I’ve always intended to see it, but somehow I have never made it happen. Maybe your mostly positive review will be enough to finally inspire me. We’ll see.

  2. So much style, but it actually works better for the film. Shame Twohy hasn’t done much to talk about since this, but at least it was a fine way to kick-start your career into the mainstream. Good review Thomas.

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