One Year Blogaversary!


One year? Has it really been that long? I guess it has. What started as just an outlet to showcase my videos on Vimeo has evolved into something different in mainly positive ways. I’ve found that even with only nearly 2,800 views and 60+ followers, there are people who are interested in what I have to say. That’s cool.

What exactly has happened in only one year?

And a lot more.

Looking back on what I’ve posted, I see that there are particular posts that I consider to be nothing special but somehow continue to be accessed. As of March 27, 2014, here are the Top 10 Viewed Posts/Pages (excluding the home page):

Of course there’s the Top 10 liked posts, but you can access that on the side.

Inspired by Film Grimoire’s Search & Rescue series, here are some of the stranger search terms that led people to my blog as they were:

  • my little pony the episode where twilight turnes into a pegasus and a unicorn
  • the longest bonus features ever put on dvd
  • video porno 1940-1950 (I have no idea what that had to do with anything on my blog)
  • pictures of mean bunnies
  • babe pig in the city chest
  • monsters universy pink floyd the wall
  • fur fetish people (I’m pretty sure whoever typed this wasn’t looking for the movie)
  • pink floyd the trial nightmare before christmas
  • mother’s movies1930-1970’s (I don’t recall ever mentioning my mother)
  • frozen movie almost 3 year old (The film isn’t even a year old!)
  • something floating in thin air on willy wonka

Then there are the unknown search terms, which drive me crazy as I want to know what exactly leads people to come here.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me, read, liked and commented on posts over the past year! It’s been great and I’m excited at what this next year will bring. Until then, cheers!


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