Summer Plans

Currently, it is day four of my summer vacation, very overcast with some sprinkles, and I’m spending it at school like nothing has changed. No summer classes, but more along the lines of getting a head start on my senior project. At this point, I’m drafting my proposal (due at the beginning of August) and hope to have it approved early so that I can begin shooting footage.

In short, my senior project will be a short film about how I perceive the world on the autism spectrum. I know for a fact that it will include some experimental film, one of my favorite types. At this point I’m going through all of my documents, watching experimental films as well as videos about autism, and doing some personal reflection. The cool thing is, I’ll be using some of my blog posts in conjunction with the project; by talking about how I perceive certain things and how I communicate here, I have worked on how to provide my own rationale for the proposal as well as other works. You’ll see some status updates from time to time about this project (title still pending).

I’m not seeing every single film that comes out this summer. If I’m lucky, I’ll probably see two or three. Normally, I’d go see whatever Pixar released but that’s not the case this year. I’m looking at Godzilla, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m working on watching all of LOTR and Harry Potter because I haven’t done that yet and I’m tired of being out of the loop.

I would also like to get back into competing at our local Putt-Putt for weekly tournaments. I started late last summer but have enjoyed it as it gave me a chance to play with non-family members. It probably won’t happen for at least another month.

Meanwhile, I’ll be up every morning before six, taking my brother to and from school. Woohoo…

What do you think?

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