Sync or Swim: Let It Go, Troy Bolton

A few days after I screened The Division Bambi for some friends, one of them sent me a link to the above video. I laughed at how ridiculous it looked when I watched it. Sure, it’s just another one of the myriad “Let It Go” videos floating about online but this one was different as it used another Disney property for the sync.

I haven’t tried this manually but you play the Idina Menzel version of “Let It Go” from Frozen at the same time Troy Bolton starts to sing “Bet It All” from High School Musical 2.

There are some connections, other than both being Disney properties, that I’ve noticed:

  • Posters for both movies had blue as a dominant color
  • Both are musicals
  • Both songs are sung by one person in a large landscape
  • Both sources, in terms of weather, are polar opposites

The lyrics are hit and miss but the hand movements are what make this video enjoyable.

The only downside is that footage is repeated at the very end just to cover the length of the song. I wouldn’t have used previous footage at the end and just let the song go on.

Is this intentional? Nope. It’s just one of those were you watch it, laugh, and then move on.

Sync grade: B

What do you think?

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