Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street


With only a few months left before the new release of the 1001 Movies book, I assume that this will make the list. I encountered problems before I even put the DVD in the player, problems that would restrict how I would watch it.

Jordan Belfort rises and falls in the world of stocks through copious amounts of drugs, sex, and deception.

The DVD I got was the bare-bones edition where all you got was the film. I figured I could play this on my portable player but then I saw how the disc was made. It turns out that sometime after 2007, Paramount made their DVDs grey and harder to play on some players. This was one of them. I couldn’t watch it on the main TV at home unless I stayed up really late. I had to watch this on a computer with my headphones in.

If there’s one word to describe this film, it’s excessive. From the drugs to the sex, the f-bombs to the runtime, it was a lot to sit through and I didn’t enjoy it. This wasn’t entertaining; it’s just sad. I may have cracked a smile here and there but they didn’t last long. Sure, seeing DiCaprio on drugs may be funny at first but then it just goes on, and on, and on.

While it may be based on a true story, it all seems ludicrous. I tried to accept that some of it was real but because of how it was portrayed, I had a hard time believing it. The movie became a series of buzzed escapades where I begged for the end to come quickly.

The music is all over the map. Some of the songs will stay in your head, like the one used for the trailer. Others seem too similar in style and content. When I heard the cover for “Mrs. Robinson”, I wanted to stop the music. It worked well for The Graduate, but here it seemed really out of place. It wasn’t even a good cover.

After I finished the movie, I went down to Putt-Putt for a weekly tournament. The trailer song and the chest-beating song would not go away. I tried searching for something else to listen to but they kept playing. They cost me a few strokes but it was an average night.

One interesting aspect is the DVD cover. There’s a yellow rectangular border, like a National Geographic magazine. That’d be an interesting issue.

Besides that, I didn’t enjoy it. If it’s on the list, then I can say I’ve seen it. Not sure when I’ll see it again but it won’t be for a long time.



One thought on “Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

  1. It’s a long one to get through, but found it ultimately rewarding at the end. Not because it was a whole bunch of fun, but because it sheds light on people who practically got away with the crimes they committed and how we were the ones who had to bite the bullet. Good review.

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