Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon


A few weeks ago, I meant to pick it up at my library before I saw the second one. I forgot but then I saw it televised on FX and figured why not watch it again?

A young Viking comes across one of the most dangerous dragons in the world and befriends it.

I saw this in the theater with my dad; I still have the 3D glasses. At the time, I thought it was a decent film. Flash forward to a few weeks ago. My dad comes home from work and, as part of our tacit agreement regarding who gets the remote, I hand it over to him since I knew he wanted to watch golf. To my surprise, he doesn’t change the channel and we end up watching the rest of the movie together. We don’t say a word but I suppose I underestimated the outcome.

Toothless, let’s face it, is as adorable as Stitch (or at least I think so). Not surprisingly, this was made by the same people who directed Lilo & Stitch. You know he’s supposed to be mean and scary but he has this cute streak going for him that almost negates it.

As for the human side of the relationship, I wanted more. Sure, Hiccup as the social outcast was nothing new but there was something about him that was different. Maybe it the voice, the humor, or his awkward nature, I can’t pinpoint just one aspect but the combination seemed to fit. Either way, I found myself rooting for him, if only because killing off the main character at the end would make the movie less enjoyable.

Back when I was a computer animation major, I found that there were more people talking about the film than when I saw it in high school. I don’t recall anyone discussing it back then; I left it as a film that was good, not great. In college, it became apparent that I missed something when I saw it. People discussed different parts of what they liked and that led to a repeat viewing.

Before I go see the sequel with some friends, I can say that I’ve only seen one or two episodes of the show and none of the spin-off shorts. Based on word of mouth, I don’t think it’s necessary. But if the second one is as good as I hear it is, then I’ll make sure to pay attention when I see it.



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