Coming this Month: July 2014

Can’t believe the year is practically half over. So far so good.

At this point, I’ve made some serious headway with my movie a day resolution. I could skip July entirely and still be on schedule; of course I won’t.

I had a setback in May that I didn’t mention (maybe I did). I lost all of my film journals due to a software update on an iPad. Didn’t think to back them up until it was too late. I didn’t write any of them down. Now I am, in conjunction with my digital journals.

I’m also waiting for several things. I’ve submitted some films for consideration for a local film festival. I’ve created a rough draft for my senior project and am waiting to get some feedback.

I’ve received some news about another sync of mine that’s currently available for streaming. It’ll be featured in an upcoming blogathon post.

I’m currently experimenting with some new bands for sync. At this point, I’m working with OK GO and Nine Inch Nails. What exactly will show up, I don’t know.

Outside of that, Putt-Putt is in full swing. Still ranked at the bottom but I’m having fun.


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