Movie Review: The Man With Two Brains


Last night, I was in the mood for another movie. I didn’t want anything too serious; you might say I wanted to watch something brainless. Sad to say, I got what I wanted.

A brain surgeon marries a living woman but falls in love with the brain of his deceased wife.

From the beginning, it tries to be Young Frankenstein. You have the mispronounced surname, running gags, brain trouble, and all that jazz. It isn’t Young Frankenstein, that much is obvious and painfully so at times.

I admit that one of my quirks is that I’m literal-minded at times. I expect that the title of a movie has to relate to the content of the film or at least name-dropped somewhere, with some exceptions. Here, I expected a man would undergo an operation and have two brains, a plot that would be funnier in some aspects. Nope. I waited and waited but it never came to fruition.

During the runtime of ninety minutes, I had three small chuckles. The subtitles gag was one of them and I forget the rest, probably because I stopped paying attention. That is not a good ratio. For a film that’s labeled as a “comedy”, it fails to live up to the label.

I suppose it’s no big loss. It only cost me fifty cents at Salvation Army. Right now, it’s sitting in the donate pile that will go to Half Price Books, when I feel like it. Just give me Abby Normal instead.

P.S. How is this my 150th movie review? I can’t believe I’ve reviewed that many films.


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