Sync or Swim: The Crystal Memory/Memory Almost Foal

A while ago, I covered a sync that involved Pink Floyd and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was a bizarre experience, to say the least. Since then, I have received another sync with the ponies, this time from Sam from That Syncing Feeling. That said, let’s return to Canterlot and see what Paul McCartney (or McCartneigh, keeping with the equine theme) has in store in this reverse sync.

Use the season three two-part premiere episode “The Crystal Empire” and Paul McCartney’s “Memory Almost Full”. Start both sources at 0:00. Make sure to skip the end credits and the opening credits during the transition from Part I to Part II. You can stream it here.

Points of Interest

  • The album cover features a chair. It could possibly be a throne used to rule a kingdom or empire.
  • The album contains thirteen songs. The third season contained thirteen episodes.

Act I

Dance Tonight

  • “Everybody gonna hit the ground.” Twilight Sparkle descends from the clouds in a hot air balloon.
  • “You can come to my place if you want to.” Twilight’s friends show up at her house.

Ever Present Past

  • “I’ve got too much on my plate.” Princess Celestia provides exposition about the Crystal Empire to an overwhelmed Twilight.
  • “…in a flash.” Celestia glows white.

See Your Sunshine

  • The song is in sync with Twilight’s song.

Only Mama Knows

  • The somber music matches the fight scene at the start of the song.
  • “I was crying.” Princess Cadence is sad.
  • In the previous pony sync, the song “Mother” embodied (evil) Cadence’s self. Here she plays the part of “Mama”, a derivative of “Mother”.
  • “Hold on.” Rainbow Dash tries to ask a pony some questions about what’s going on.

You Tell Me

  • The ponies reconvene to discuss their findings.
  • There are three crystals on the book cover and in the song title.

Mr. Bellamy

  • The Mane 6 are circled around a table for the sixth song on the album.
  • “I like it up here.” Twilight, Cadence, and Shining Armor are on a castle balcony.


  • Some of the ponies from the Crystal Empire have their memories restored, grateful for the event.
  • “I was loved by you.” Shining Armor hugs Cadence.
  • “Wish and hope and pray” as chaos enters the Crystal Empire.
  • A piano chord plays when Spike runs off.

Vintage Clothes

  • “Don’t live in the past.” As good advice as that may be, this is the fourth generation of the show, just one of many reboots and remakes of past properties that happen today.
  • “Who cares if we look like a girl or a boy?” An observation on the fanbase members?
  • “What went out is coming back.” Again, reboots and remakes.

That Was Me

  • “On TV”, how the show was broadcast.

Feet in the Clouds

  • The heavenly sound effect occurs on beat when Twilight opens a door and light shines through.
  • “A hidden treasure.” The crystal on the door glows an evil green.
  • The repetition of “very” corresponds to the spiraling staircases.
  • “Feet in the clouds, head on the ground.” Fluttershy is flipped upside-down after a jousting match.

House of Wax

  • “The trumpets blast.” Pinkie Pie juggles several trumpets.
  • “…like wild imagined horses.” All of the characters on the show are imagined horses of some kind.

The End of the End

  • King Sombra, the episode’s villain (voiced by season four co-director Jim Miller), tries to end the empire. It’s also the start of the end of the two-part opener.

Nod Your Head

  • The ponies prance in time with the beat.
  • The song doesn’t finish after the credits, as if the sync didn’t have enough memory for the music…

While not as trippy or spot-on as pairing the show with Pink Floyd, it does have a different flavor. It’s something to bide the time until the fifth season premiere.

Sync grade: B-

2 thoughts on “Sync or Swim: The Crystal Memory/Memory Almost Foal

  1. Hey, Thomas I was wondering if you know why That Syncing Feeling’s blog was deleted and if you know why all the videos on Movies were taken down?

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