Coming This Month: November 2014


To be honest, it’s more of “What Not to Expect This Month.” November will be packed with senior project work and I don’t have time to review movies. I know I said I would cover The Conjuring but, simply put, stuff happened. Maybe next year.

I did meet Chris Buck earlier this month for a Frozen weekend. He’s one of the nicest people you could meet. I got him to autograph my copy of Frozen and had a picture with him. I caught up with some friends each day that I hadn’t seen for a few months or more.

A few days ago, I won second place in a costume contest for our art school’s Halloween party. I went as Ash from Fantastic Mr. Fox. There were multiple compliments about how authentic the costume looked. Personally, I’d have more breathing room for the mask and a tail that doesn’t have a dye that heavily stains everything it touches. Still, it’s a great costume and I plan to keep it around for a few years.

Also, I’ve hit my “movie-a-day” mark for the year. I hit the mark in late November last year, so I’m way ahead of schedule. Then again, I didn’t start last year until late January. Now, to beat last year’s total of 402 films; I expect this will happen once the semester is over and I’ll have more time for watching movies.


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