Coming This Month: December 2014

Hey guys. Hope you haven’t forgotten about me. November was a stressful month but now it’s over. There will be a review for WALL-E and some Christmas-related films.

I took last month off to work on my senior project. I currently have four out of my six proposed films nearly finished. I also had my senior portfolio review, which I thought went well, and I’m waiting for the results to come in the mail.

Actually, here’s one really cool part about my senior project. Over Thanksgiving break, I went back to school. I know, why would I do this? Well, a special guest came for a mini-lecture. Jalil Sadool (iMDB link here) looked at student work, including part of my senior project, and liked what he saw. The fact that a guy who worked at Weta Digital (yes, that Weta Digital) gave me advice on my project and a message about working on my art is slowly sinking in.

Also, last month saw the release of the latest Pink Floyd album, The Endless River. For those who have followed my blog or have stumbled across it from some random Google search, you’ve seen that I’ve covered a few syncs. There’s one for The Endless River with my name on it, literally. I tried it over Thanksgiving break and I can say that the sync is at its best during the third play of the album. On a related note, it’s one year today since I discovered my first sync.

Right now, I’m less than ten films away from meeting last year’s total of films viewed. It helped that I started from day one. I’ll have my best/worst list published next month, in case some films do make the cut. That will have to wait as finals are coming up shortly.

What do you think?

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