A Bad Case of Labin Fever

There was a bad snowstorm last night and I had to stay over in the animation lab. It’s not the first time it’s happened nor will it be the last. I’ve spent as many as two or three nights without going far from the lab. It can drive someone crazy.

It’s an unscripted look into what I call and others reference as “labin fever.” At this point, there may be some more storms; in that case, more entries. There’s no real narrative other than glimpses of one snowy night in the lab.

Save the Date

Time travel is possible; it’s just a matter of how you do it and how you use it.

This was shot on a Monday afternoon, as in a few days ago. This was an exercise in using pre-existing light in a location; whatever lights were on before the camera rolled were unchanged. The camera angles at the beginning and end, while off-kilter and unconventional, are due to the small kitchen.

What’s next, I don’t know yet. Nonetheless, enjoy.


Back in February, my school put on an event called the 24-Hour Fest. It’s exactly as it sounds. The theme would be revealed when everyone was gathered and in 24 hours, a piece of work from any medium had to be produced based on the theme. This year, we were given “Secrets and Memories.”

I signed myself up as a director and editor. What I found out was that not a lot of people were going to be using video. After I was given the theme, I walked across campus to start brainstorming. The two actors in the black and white scenes were in the animation lab with me at the time. The girl in the colored scene was willing to come in the next day to help.

Script-wise, there was a one page, bare-bones treatment. The dialogue was mostly improv, based on what I had wanted them to say. The camera was a decent digital camera I recently got from my parents. I say that it captured what I wanted.

The reactions that I have received from others have been generally positive. Some say that my work was like David Lynch, one of my influences. One person said that after repeated viewings, it was beginning to make sense. After discussing this with her, she mentioned that she applies her own experience into the piece and making it more personal. I find that helpful now that I know my work has had an impression on someone. This will definitely help with future pieces.

Screen Gems

WARNING: The video does contain the audio from the last Screen Gems television logo. Feel free to read if you do not want to play the video, or just mute the audio.

One of the first things I had to do for one of my computer animation classes was a logo animation using Autodesk Maya 2013. As a fan of television and movie logos, this seemed like a hard decision as there were many, many choices. Eventually I settled on the Screen Gems logo that is currently in use in movies and one of the last television logos the company used.

There were several resources that I could use. One of the better ones that I found was the Screen Gems page featured on the Closing Logo Group Wiki. I applaud their effort in documenting not only this but nearly every single logo ever. By looking at the history, I was able to study the animation and placement of the logo when it was used.

Of course, I can’t talk about this logo without bringing up the other side of it’s history. With the style of the logo I animated, along with the accompanying sound, this has gained notoriety in some corners of the Internet. This is known and nicknamed “The S From Hell.” The combination of the animation and the synthesized music has been known to terrify viewers from when it was shown. This logophobia has been explored in the Sundance documentary (not mockumentary), “The S From Hell” by Rodney Ascher.

Are there other logos that are nightmare-inducing? Oh yes. Some are the Viacom “V of Doom”, THX, WGBH, and the Lynch/Frost logo found at the end of Twin Peaks, just to name a few. I guess if you want to look at these, maybe watch them at your own risk. After all, you know your limits.


One of the things that I do is shoot small video clips of objects and textures and make a small one minute piece. I try to have at least a new piece every week on my page. Currently, this piece is pending acceptance to the Cinema X channel on Vimeo. This took roughly two hours.

The poem that shows up in the video does have a story. Back in high school, I had to look up information about Salvador Dali for an art project. One of the books had this beautiful inked paper with the poem on it. I feel like this was an actual painting. I have tried to find the actual piece but have not had much success. It could be a false memory but the poem traces back to a fourth grade memory when I had to trace the image as an art project, also focused on Dali. If anyone actually knows the image that relates to the poem, please post a link. I’d appreciate it.