Monthly Update: July 2015

You’re looking at a hired man, which is very big for me. Granted, it’s not where I want to be but the money is good and I’ll take it. I’m working at a window manufacturing plant. After being internally transferred, I’m at a fill station. Basically, I fill the different spacers that are used to frame the windows with sieve. Lots of lifting and standing but whatever, it’s a job. I’ve been trained on first shift for the past month (wake up at 3:45 am). I officially start on second shift tomorrow.

Because of this, I’ve been extremely busy. It’s getting harder to watch films like I used to but I’m figuring out how to make them fit into my schedule. On top of that, I’ve been working with friends on getting our let’s play channel launched. Right now, only two episodes are up. They’re not the best but we’re working on polishing them in future recordings.

In terms of script progress, it’s been slow due to, again, work. It’s about trying to find time to sit down at the computer and crank out some kind of treatment. I’m moving towards shorts but the ideas come to me at the worst times. I suppose I can spend my time at work plotting but I need to be on my toes due to the details involved.

I should probably stop right now before my face hits the keyboard. I did review Inside Out, so there’s that. Can’t guarantee anything else.

What do you think?

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