Wish Me Luck

So I went to submit two films yesterday for a local film fest, one of them being “Save the Date” and I was met with some discouraging news. Apparently, the film fest may not happen due to too few submissions. I never got the exact number that lets the show go on. I’m going back and putting in more work in the eleventh hour and in the pouring rain. Hopefully eight pieces are enough to make it happen.

I would like my work to be shown in a non-school function. When that will happen I’m not sure.


UPDATE (5:25 pm local time). I dropped the stuff off and I’m still told the film fest may not happen. The magic number was never disclosed. 10 pieces total from one person. What exactly does it take to make things happen? Is it that there aren’t many student filmmakers in my region or is the elusive magic number unreasonable based on previous instances (also not given)?