The Balcony is Closed

4:00 pm on 4-4-13. The news appeared on my feed. Roger Ebert had passed away.

I’m still shocked. I knew his health wasn’t as great as it used to be but the suddenness of it was, well, sudden. I drove home without speaking a word but I let “The Great Gig in the Sky” speak for me the whole way.

I had his 1989 Movie Companion that I got pretty cheap at a book sale. Now, it will never leave my hands. I need to get more of his books and memoirs and build up my library.

This morning one of the local TV stations was covering this story and included one piece of video amidst pictures. The video? A muted review of North with him mouthing “I hated this movie. Hated hated hated it…” I’m not sure why they chose that particular part of the review, or even the North review as there were plenty of others they could choose from.

God bless you Roger.

Roger Ebert, rest in peace.