What’s Your Ideal Audience?

Ever since I started my movie a day quest, I’ve been watching most of my movies alone. If I happen to watch one with other family members in the room, it would need to be one that we would all be interested in, like a Hitchcock film. Alas, those times are few and far between as everyone is interested in their own thing.

If I’m watching with friends, I like to have three or four with a sense of humor as we do our own riffing (not in public, of course). The movie selection leans more toward the recent releases, most of which I’ve only read the reviews of and heard nearly nothing from word of mouth.

In an actual theater, I find that less is more. I prefer that the ones in the audience have some appreciation for film and can deal with leaving their phone in their pocket during the movie. I have no tolerance for screaming kids, taking all of my patience and willpower to not make a scene, not that I’ve done that before. Of course, these expectations are rarely met but it’s just part of the experience.

What is your preferred audience when watching movies, whether at home or in a theater?