Movie Review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show


That was what it cost me at my local thrift store to get the first edition THX-certified print bundled with a football tape with an unbroken seal and Play Misty For Me. I knew there was no way of negotiating with the clerks to switch out the other tapes (as there are some poorly paired bundles) so I bought it and came home yesterday for a late night one-man party that left me entertained but a little confused.

What more can I say about Rocky Horror that hasn’t been said before? It has great music, a decent plot, good set design, and it knows how to keep true to a B-movie down to the multiple transitions. I can see why it has maintained it’s popularity for several decades to the point where since its release it has never been out of theaters. One day, I would like to attend a “proper” screening and join in the fun.

That’s not to say that I’m puzzled over what I saw. Sure, watching something THX-certified is great and I know that whatever film I watch will be in good hands (even if there were some questionable choices, like The Country Bears). My home theater may not be optimized for it (no surround sound, subwoofers, that sort of thing) but seeing those three letters and hearing the Deep Note makes all the difference. Yet I remember reading something on the THX site about how your home theater shouldn’t sound like Rocky Horror. Do they mean when it first came out to theaters or when it first came out on video, like what I have? I don’t know, but I do know I will need to upgrade my copy to DVD so that I can hear some dialogue muffled dialogue.

It wasn’t until this morning that I did some research on what the deal was with the RKO logo being featured. It goes back to the first version of King Kong, as it was an RKO feature. That makes a lot more sense as the connection eluded me when I went to bed. What a clever way to hide a reference.

I will say this: if I ever do go to a “proper” screening, I won’t go by car. All it takes is a jump to the left and a skip to the right…


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