The Following Preview Part 2.5

Since my last post in my “Following Preview” series, I have since made a few discoveries. The first being that since I’ve now been in a theater after the new green bands have been introduced, they still need some work. Back in the end of June, I went with a few friends to see Monsters University (review coming soon). The old and new green bands were seen in the trailers. I know that it won’t be until the end of the year at least when the old bands will be officially decommissioned in the sense that they will no longer grace the big screen. However, the trailers with the new bands did not have a rating attached. I suppose the time will eventually come.

Second, I have found an instance where my proposed suggestion about having the rating be shown clearly was used. Today, I saw The Princess Bride (2001 DVD print) and watched the accompanying TV spots. The rating, even without descriptors, filled approximately the same space that I had described. What I want to know is what exactly happened to cause the shrinking of the box to the point where the goal of clarity is a moot point.

As of now, I see at least two more installments of this series, hopefully done by the end of the year, possibly the beginning of next year. This will allow time for the new green bands to truly take over and any changes, if they so choose, made and corrected.