Movie Review: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Mmmmmmm, nostalgia. I was the kid in grade school who was into Roald Dahl before the others even considered picking him up. Sure, they saw this and James and the Giant Peach but that was about it as far as I’m aware. Then in college, me and another guy took this movie and did one of those recut trailers where a movie of one genre is made to look like another for our editing class; the best example is where The Shining is made to look like a family film (fun fact: it was a grad’s work). We made this into a horror movie (not that hard to do). Click if you dare. There is some severe strobing and Pink Floydian chaos involved in the second half (my part).

I believe the story is known well enough that I shouldn’t need to go into specifics; after all, it did get a remake that doesn’t hold a Gobstopper to the original. Instead, I’ll focus on some of the stranger aspects that, frankly, aren’t explained. Different questions can be found here.

So, Slugworth just happens to appear out of nowhere. Does he deliver the special Wonka Bar personally to wherever and just waits until it’s revealed? Doesn’t that seem a bit suspicious to any of the adults in the area? You know, like call the cops or something. Nope.

The tunnel scene. Seriously Wonka, what gives? Am I supposed to feel disgusted when I eat your products? Is the chocolate laced with LSD? Is it a metaphor that in order to be a genius, you have to be a little crazy? If so, could you cut back?

The fan at the top of the Fizzy Lifting Drinks room. Um, wouldn’t it be safer to put a cage in front of the fan so that if people are tempted to try some (and you know they will), you won’t have to deal with the carnage? And yes, they do need work; after all, we don’t want people floating off into thin air before crashing down due to a lack of oxygen.

The way that one room works after the children sign their lives away. Is it a portal? Is it a turntable like the ones used on railroads?

I could go on and on but people have already made theories about the transportation seating and what the candy is really made of, especially the lickable wallpaper (though that has been “proven”). I still like the film, even with all of the unexplained mysteries. It’s nice to have some darkness and still have charm. Sorry Johnny, Gene’s better.


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